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8th October 2008

hbpen3:07pm: bunch of icons
kc_anathema has made quite a few prolife icons (& doesn't mind if people link to the gallery), so if anyone's intersted, check 'em out.

16th July 2006


All comments, incl constructive crit, are welcomed. :)

4th February 2006

singers_lament10:26pm: One Prolife Icon
I know it's just one, but I thought I'd post it nonetheless.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Please credit if you want to take it. Thanks! :-D

Xposted at pro_life_icons and republicons.

20th October 2005

hbpen6:54pm: prolife feminist icons

(The 2nd one has a black border.)

Image from Victory Won. 2" square sticker bumper sticker

Feel free to use either of these icons, but please comment to tell me which you're taking & credit my icon journal _my_best_shot (_my_best_shot). All comments, including constructive crit, are welcomed. :)

x-posted like woah

7th October 2005

hbpen9:48pm: icon by spookyjess
icon by spookyjess (who did give me permission to post this here)

If you decide to use it, please be sure to credit spookyjess. Thanks!

4th October 2005

fellcat1:58am: For the other pagans.
Please comment here to let me know if you use it, and put my lj nick (fellcat) in the image comment somewhere.
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15th September 2005

hbpen7:46pm: Feminist quote

Reposted with the corrected spelling & slowed down a bit, as requested.

25th August 2005

hbpen5:25pm: icons by psychlea
psychlea gave me permission to post her icons here. If you use, please credit psychlea. Thanks.

9th June 2005

owesaurus9:39pm: Community
Hello everyone! Feel free to join a new prolife community. prolifeandproud
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17th March 2005

reblaw11:56am: My first attempt
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
:-) It's from a scanned in photo from an anatomy book I have, the amount of detail of the bone in unborn baby's ribs, arms and hands is amazing I think :-)

16th February 2005

nightingal_echo8:58pm: www.birthright.org
I myself affliate myself with this group... Birthright
They recently came out with this commerical. Do you think its effective?
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26th January 2005

hbpen8:27pm: Icon made by ampr4life

This was NOT made by me. This was made by ampr4life. (Posted with permission.)

30th November 2004

cowboys__cliche10:52am: I'm new!
I made a few icons a few weeks ago and thought I'd share...

More hereCollapse )

16th November 2004

hbpen5:33pm: AIM buddy icons
RockForLife.com has some AIM buddy icons that some might be interested in. (Follow the link)

15th November 2004

_evenangelsfall11:08pm: X posted to pro_life_icons

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