RebLaw (reblaw) wrote in prolife_icons,

My first attempt

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:-) It's from a scanned in photo from an anatomy book I have, the amount of detail of the bone in unborn baby's ribs, arms and hands is amazing I think :-)
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What a great idea!! I'd never thought about making icons from anatomy books! :D

Only idea I have to add is just basicly asking if you have a graphics program where you could edit those lines out? (I assume they're lines pointing at things being labeled)
I have a graphics problem, and I did try to, but it ended up looking horrible. There's a line over part of the arm, and due to the picture being of the bones and the soft tissue appearing translucent, I haven't the artistic talent to remove that without making it look like the baby had a very odd arm ^^;
I gave it a go. Don't know if it's better or makes it looked all messed up. But, um, here's what I was able to do. Thoughts?

it's better than my efforts :-) The arm still does look a little "odd" but I guess that's the limits, after I finish my tests this week I'll see if I can find a better picture somewhere online
I love your icon that you are using for this post!! So cool!! :)